I recently had the great fortune of working with Sarah LaChance recently and I have to say I was scared going into this whole editing process. I’m a new author—still have that new author smell—and I was worried about the changes that would be made. Little did I know, I had nothing to fear. Sarah was phenomenal and put me at ease with every step; assuring me that my desires would be heard and listened to, as well as my vision. She was engaged with my story and preserved my style while still fixing anything that I had inadvertently done wrong; putting a shine on my story that I didn’t even know was there. Her priority was preserving my weird style, and for everything she found that needed fixing, she also had comments on things she felt were great!

This was the biggest thing for me, as I tend to dwell on the negative things in my work. Scrolling down and seeing that she loved this passage, or that she laughed at my humor was a great counterbalance to helping me enjoy her work with my baby. And that was what this was about after all. My creation. Every time she did something and I felt that it needed to be there, she took the time to discuss with me why and to see what I was trying to convey. Not once did she just shut me down because of “Rules” or “Standards”; she knew where I was going with it since she liked my story, and she knew that it would ultimately coincide with what I was trying to get across.

Another great point, since I’m completely new at this, was that anything I didn’t understand— and that was a dragon load of things by and by—she explained to me easily and openly instead of just saying “Because.” I was overwhelmed with the entire editing process yet she made it feel seamless and easy, coming together on points to finish the process and produce a final product that I adored.

All in all I have to say that her interactions with me—the little comments, the smiley faces on the funny parts, and even telling me what I did right—were the icing on a very delicious cake. A cake I get to eat knowing that it is the best cake I could make. I honestly can’t wait to give this woman book 2 and see what fun we will have in the future. Hells above I may just write more so I can have her read them.​

My experience working with Sarah LaChance involves not only work on my own projects, but also collaboration on the writings of other authors for Kyanite Publishing.

Throughout every part of the process Sarah has been fully engaged in not only ensuring that each piece meets technical standards, but also in preserving the author’s original voice and vision and helping to improve the flow and tone of the work. She has a great eye for detail, consistency, and rhythm.

Working with Sarah is more collaborative than one would expect from many editors, as she is always eager to ask questions that dig into the heart of the material to ensure that any changes work to enhance the message of the author. On top of this, she is more than willing to share her knowledge and help her clients to develop their own understanding of the process and become better writers.

Beyond all of this she is efficient, timely, reliable, and clear in her communications with the author. Working with Sarah is always a learning experience and a pleasure, and I would highly recommend her as an editor for a wide variety of projects.

B.K. Bass
Acquisitions Director, Kyanite Publishing
Editor-in-Chief, Kyanite Press