I prefer to begin by providing you with a free editing sample. Because each project is unique, this approach creates an opportunity for me to ascertain what I believe it will take to polish the manuscript. It also allows you to see what kind of edits I made, and creates an opportunity for us to discuss your needs, desires, and budget to establish the right fit.

I prefer to edit projects in Microsoft Word with Track Changes on, so that you may see the in-line edits and comment suggestions, and we may use this as a medium of communication. I also use the Discord server, email, and am open to other platforms of communication that work best for you.

My intention is to make my services affordable and accessible to writers of all budgets, so you will find my prices below industry standards. The reason that I do this work is because I enjoy assisting authors polish their work and share their unique stories with the world.

Payment is accepted in US Dollars, via PayPal and Venmo.

Developmental Editing
This is the first level of the editing process. It ensures that the document makes sense as a whole. I will assess flow/pacing, characterization, style, structure, tone, proper tense usage, as well as a clearly identified audience. This is where re-writes are addressed.

After you have reviewed my comments and in-line edits, I will set up a second review where I will provide responses to any questions you have or changes you embarked upon. I will provide you with in-line edits and commentary on both the first and second read-through.

$13/per 1,000 words

Copy Editing
This is typically the second level of the editing process. I will be looking for minor corrections like spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. I will make comments regarding unclear word usage and awkward sentences. I will make brief notes regarding story and pacing.

$11/per 1,000 words

This is the final review a manuscript receives prior to publication, where last minute errors are caught. I will scour your manuscript for misplaced punctuation and hard-to-spot errors. The goal of the proofread is to give it one final pass to ensure that it is polished up like a new penny!

$9/per 1,000 words